The Flat Earth awakening is on the rise! This is either the dawn of a new era of scientific, political, historical and spiritual understanding.. ..or it’s fertile ground for new jokes. We’re betting on the latter.

Please check out our extensive glossary of Flat Earth terms–over 370 of the most-used words, names and phrases when talking about Flat Earth. It isn’t meant to be funny. The definitions reflect how Flat Earthers (and their critics) talk, even when that defies logic or goes against scientific or historical fact (as we see it).

Truth is, you won’t find a more precise and comprehensive collection of Flat Earth terminology anywhere. Or a better quick reference guide to Flat Earth. You might even want to share the link ( with people you introduce to Flat Earth, to help them navigate the fascinating new paradigm.

But we understand if you think this website must be a psyop, a covert government project to suppress the revolutionary truth with humor. Excuse us for chuckling.