Learn the lingo! A glossary of Flat Earth

[WARNING: Unsubstantiated claims presented here]


abyssal plains– Flat and level basins on the deep ocean floor, composed of fine sediments, covering more than half the Earth’s surface.

acceleration theory– An explanation for apparent gravity, as being caused by upward movement of the plane, continually increasing at a rate of 9.8 meters per second squared. A theory promoted by the Flat Earth Society but rejected by almost every Flat Earther. Also: Davis model; UA; Universal Acceleration.

AE mapNorth Pole-centered world map, commonly known as a polar azimuthal equidistant (AE) projection. Most current, accurate map of FE, and basis for the symbol on the UN flag. ‘New Standard Map of the World’, introduced by Alex Gleason in 1892. Usually: the map. Also: Gleason’s map; Postel projection; steriographic projection; true map; UN map; Voliva’s map; wheel map. (See Buddhist map)

aether– Medium through which light and other electromagnetic waves propagate, as evidenced in experiments such as Airy’s Failure. The substance that fills a vacuum such as that of space. Fabric of reality through which frequency causes matter to adapt its properties and contours. Field associated with tides and weather patterns. A concept dismissed by Albert Einstein in order that his theory of relativity would work. Usually: the aether. Also: dark matter; ether; plasma.

Airy’s Failure– An experiment performed in 1871 with a water-filled telescope, by English astronomer Sir George Biddell Airy, that failed to prove the Earth’s movement through the aether of spaceProof that the stars are moving rather than the Earth. Also: ether drag test.

Aldrin, Edwin ‘Buzz’ (1930– )- An American astronaut, author, 33rd-degree Freemason, and surviving member of Apollo 11. The second human to allegedly walk on the moon, and a leading advocate of future manned missions to Mars. A rambling alcoholic who punched an interviewer in the face for suggesting he lied about the moon landings. Also: Buzzed Aldrin; Booze Aldrin.

aliens– Beings of unknown origin, mistakenly presumed to be extra-terrestrials. Other species of humanoid from the underworld, adjacent flat worlds, or parallel dimensions, possibly intermingling or interbreeding with elites. A deep state hoax and possible subject of a future psyop, like Project Blue Beam. Also: ETs; greys; MIB; reptilians.

Allais effect– Anomaly in the behavior of a Foucault pendulum during a solar eclipse, first observed in 1954 by Maurice Allais, a proponent of aether. A phenomenon with no explanation in the current theory of gravity. Usually: the Allais effect.

analemma– Figure-eight made when plotting the precession of the sun in the sky over the course of a year. Asymmetrical diagram revealing the South be the larger part of the Earth.

angle of attack– In perspective, the angle or elevation at which the horizon is viewed, which affects the convergence and thus the amount distant objects are obscured near the ground. Also: angle of incidence.

angular size– Measurement of distant objects based on the size they appear, often stated in degrees or portion of the visual field. A property of perspective whereby objects appear to change size in proportion to their distance from the observer. One change observed in the sun, as seen in a time-lapse video of sunrise or sunset. Also: angular resolution; spatial resolution.

Antarctica– A fictional continent, to account for there being no underside to the Earth. An expensive tourist destination, mostly off-limits due to the Antarctic Treaty. The vast expanse of ice and land beyond the ice wall, first charted by Adm. Richard E. Byrd, Jr. A place vastly different from the arctic circle in terms of climate, vegetation, and animal life. The moon rock source for the Apollo missions.

Antarctica Cup– Little-known, infrequently held, and seldom completed ocean yacht race with sometimes only a single entrant, whose sailboat must go non-stop around Antarctica and return to Australia. Usually: the Antarctica Cup.
Also: Vendée Globe (France).

Antarctic Treaty– Longest-lasting international treaty, created by the UN in 1959 and currently observed by 53 countries. Source of restrictions on exploration and discovery in Antarctica or anywhere else below the 60th parallel. Like the space program, an area of cooperation between the USA and USSR during the height of the Cold War. Usually: the Treaty.

anti-moon– Semi-translucent disk that sometimes overshadows the moon, responsible for a lunar eclipse. Usually: the anti-moon. Also: Ketu; Nega Moon; shadow object; x-moon.

Anunnaki– In Sumerian folklore, gods who came to Earth to mine gold and other resources, and created humans to be their slaves. Usually: the Anunnaki. Also: Anak; Anakim. (See aliens; giants)

artificial horizon– Navigational display in airplanes, to keep them flying level. Device that registers change in attitude, allowing a pilot to fly by instruments alone. Instrument that would direct pilots to gain altitude and fly into space were the Earth not flat. (See gyroscope)

astral plate– Theoretical structure holding luminaries. Rotating celestial disk with the northern set of stars on the bottom and the southern set on top, such that the top set is reflected off the dome in all areas South. Explanation for the southern pattern of star trails. Usually: the astral plate. Also: astro-plate; celestial plate; sidereal disk.

astrolabe– Ancient multi-functional computer used to tell time, navigate, etc. utilizing the relative position of luminaries. Precision instrument modeled on the geocentric heavens, depicting the Earth as a flat disk with the North Pole at its center. Also: planisphere.

astronaut– Person who claims to have been to space, usually a Freemason. Actor feigning a weightless environment in NASA footage, by use of a harness, hair spray, etc. Also: actornaut; astro-not. (See Edwin ‘Buzz’ Aldrin; Virgil ‘Gus’ Grissom)

atmosphere– Layers of air above the Earth, either trapped inside a dome, or clinging to a ball next to a vacuum. Usually: the atmosphere. Also: atmosplane. (See Karman line)

atmospheric blocking– Obfuscation of distant objects due to particulate matter in the air. A reason why prominent landmarks cannot always be seen, even when lack of curvature should offer a straight line of sight. One explanation for why the sun is not visible at night. Also: air density; haze; visibility.

atmospheric lensing– Optical distortion over long distances, resulting from refraction. A theorized effect of water vapor in the air, causing distant objects to appear much larger and lower than they otherwise would. One explanation for the sunset.

Australia– A continent that is upside down on the globe and elongated on the AE map. The home of many unique species that must have survived the flood. Disinfo to cover up the mass murder of Britain’s criminals in the nineteenth century, according to one conspiracy theory. Hence, a place that a troll may claim has been staged elsewhere and doesn’t actually exist.

AutoCAD– A computer-aided design application, often used when making a 3D model or conducting a virtual experiment. (See CGI)

awake– Aware of the immense scale of hidden knowledge and conspiracies, of which FE is only a part. Also: open-minded; red pilled; woke; woken; unplugged. (See sunglassestruther)

ball– Alleged shape of the Earth, as commonly believed. Unpretentious term for a sphere or globe. Usually: spinning ball. Also: Baal.

ball Earth– The standard model that describes the Earth as a globe 25,000 miles in circumference, and usually as a planet circling the sun. Also: round Earth. (See GE)

baller– Ball Earther. Person who refuses to accept the truth of FE or otherwise still insists the Earth is a ball. Also: balltard; bawler; roundie; spinner. (See glober)

balloon– High-altitude observation platform, used to obtain photographic evidence of FE. Device known to defy gravity, and to remain stationary over the ground, showing the Earth is not moving. Source of alleged satellite sightings and activity. Usually: weather balloon. Also: stratostat. (See dogcamProf. Auguste PiccardRed Bull jump)

Barns, Andrea (1898–1961?)- A Canadian FE proponent and activist who sought proof in Antarctica, according to the 1990 documentary ‘In Search of the Edge’. The only female explorer to see the edge.

Bedford Level– A six-mile-long straight canal in Bedford, England. The site of an experiment first performed by Samuel Rowbotham in 1838, proving the Earth does not curve. A place revisited in 1870 by Alfred R. Wallace, in 1904 by Lady Elizabeth Blount, and in 2016 by Flat Earth UK, a group of researchers. Usually: the Bedford Level experiment. Also: Old Bedford Canal.

Behind The Curve– A 2019 documentary shown on Netflix, that claimed to be an unbiased look at the movement and featured prominent members of the community explaining the theory and performing experiments, inter-cut with proponents of scientism. Reference to the failure of an experiment by jeranism involving a laser, and another involving a ring gyroscope.

Bermuda Triangle– Region of the Atlantic Ocean fanning out from southern Florida to Bermuda and Puerto Rico. Notorious area where numerous ships and planes have mysteriously vanished. Forbidden zone where any rocket launched by NASA will crash into the ocean shortly after takeoff. Usually: the Bermuda Triangle. Also: Devil’s Triangle.

Bible– Collected books of history and divine wisdom of the ancient Hebrews. Widely accepted source for facts about the world. Usually: the Bible. Also: God’s word; KJV; scripture.

Black Sun– Celestial object, other than the moon, thought to be responsible for a solar eclipse. Underworld counterpart to the sun, dimly illuminating inner parts of the Earth. Usually: the Black Sun. Also: black hole sun; dielectric sun; Nibiru; Rahu; Sophia.

block– Sever all means of contact, usually with a troll or shill. The app for this, as found on YouTube and most social media sites. Hence, an easy way to silence online opponents. Also: ban.

Blount, Lady Elizabeth (1850–1935)- An English socialite, novelist, poet, and proponent of FE, who performed an experiment at Bedford Level in 1904. The founder of the Universal Zetetic Society, following the death of Samuel Rowbotham, which later became the Flat Earth Society of Dover. Alias: Zeteo.

Blue Marble– Official portrait of the Earth, from NASA. A composite of high-altitude photos, created using Photoshop, as admitted by designer Robert Simmon. A series of high-resolution images of ball Earth, released over the past several years, each one looking significantly different from previous ones. Usually: the Blue Marble. Also: Blue Marbles. (See SEX)

Book of Enoch– Specifically, ‘The Book of the Courses of the Heavenly Luminaries’. Sacred book left out of the Bible. Noah’s great-grandfather’s detailed description of the ancient Hebrew cosmology. Usually: the Book of Enoch. Also: Enoch. (See luminaries)

Boyle’s law– The proportionality of the pressure and volume of a gas, always having a constant product. The reason the atmosphere of ball Earth would escape into the vacuum of space. Also: Mariotte’s law.

Brahe, Tycho (1546–1601)- A Danish astronomer, astrologer and alchemist, famous for his Tychonic model, a geocentric system in which the Earth does not move, and the planets, which orbit the sun, are not spheres. A brilliant nobleman murdered by his assistant, Johannes Kepler.

Bruno, Giordano (1548–1600)- An Italian astrologer who proposed that stars are distant suns, burned alive in the streets of Rome for being a geocentric denier.

bubble– Air pocket in water. Tiny object moving quickly across the screen, often seen in footage of an astronaut allegedly in open space. Conclusive proof that a scene was filmed in a pool. In theory, a possible source or starlight, per sonoluminescence.

Buddhist map– Thousand year-old AE map printed in a Hawaiian newspaper in 1907, that shows an extended Earth plane with many unknown islands and continents beyond the ice wall. Usually: the Buddhist map.

bulge– Bend or rise between two points on water or other flat surface, necessary to match the alleged shape and size of ball Earth. Would-be obstacle to any long river, such as the Nile, which must flow continually downhill. (See curvature)

Byrd, Adm. Richard E., Jr. (1888–1957)- The famed polar explorer, first to fly over the North Pole. The US naval officer who commanded Operation Highjump and Operation Deep Freeze, to chart Antarctica and establish permanent bases. A 33rd-degree Freemason and presumed gatekeeper who spoke of a vast, unexplored area beyond the South Pole.

cables– Vast, intercontinental, undersea fiber optic network. The conduit for 99% of all international communication. Also: land line.

Carpenter, Prof. William (1830–1896)- An English printer, theorist and proponent of FE, contemporary of Samuel Rowbotham and author of the 1885 book ‘One Hundred Proofs That the Earth Is Not a Globe’. Alias: Common Sense.

Capricorn One– A 1977 movie depicting a NASA conspiracy to fake a manned mission to Mars. One example of predictive programming with respect to the moon landings.

Cavendish experiment– Attempt by British scientist and Freemason Henry Cavendish to measure gravity in 1798, using balanced weights suspended from a wire, observing that one weight seemed to be attracted to another. Usually: the Cavendish experiment.

celestial sphere– In astronomy and navigation, a conceptual projection of the night sky, presuming all objects are equidistant from the Earth or the observer. Any of several crystalline structures supporting luminaries in earlier geocentric conceptions of ball Earth. A similar structure sometimes referred to in four-dimensional flat models like Square Earth.

centrifugal force– Outward inertia caused by spin. A fictitious force, according to mainstream science, that would act in opposition to supposed gravity. Hence, a problem with ball Earth, in that the oceans would be drawn to the equator, if not flung into space. (See Eotvos effect)

CGI– Computer-generated imagery. Any skillful creation or alteration via digital image software such as Photoshop. A glitch indicative of this. Compromised condition of imagery alleged to be proof of ball Earth, or said to originate from space. Also: animation; cartoon; painting; photoshopping; SFX; special effects. (See compositegreen screen)

Challenger crew– Seven astronauts allegedly killed when the Space Shuttle Challenger exploded shortly after liftoff in 1986, possibly from colliding with the dome. Six members of that crew who are reportedly alive and residing in the USA. Usually: the Challenger crew.

chemtrails– Linear clouds laid down by jetliners, often obscuring details of objects in the sky. The secret spraying of chemical agents over large populated areas, coordinated by the deep state, officially dismissed as water condensation trails (contrails) caused by jet engine exhaust. Also: geoengineering; SAI; stratospheric aerosol injection.

cherry pick– Select only the facts and evidence favorable to one theory, dismissing or ignoring all else, as scientists have done in order to create the prevailing model . Also: confirmation bias; motivated reasoning; selection bias. (See pseudoscience)

circumnavigate– Travel east or west, navigating by compass, in a complete loop around the center of FE. Though allegedly possible on ball Earth, an impossible feat for travelers going north or south, as they would run into the edge.

closed-minded– Unable to think beyond one’s indoctrination, as to conceive of another explanation for supposed evidence of ball Earth. Not fully awake. Also: asleep; close minded. (See sheeple)

clouds– Airborne bodies of water, often weighing over a million pounds, defying gravity. Objects responsible for crepuscular rays when directly under the sun, and seen to occasionally pass behind it and the moon. Hence, proof that both celestial bodies are close to the Earth. CGI enhancements made to the Blue Marble, indicated by cloning and SEX.

cognitive dissonance– Mental distress experienced when deeply-held beliefs are contradicted by logic or evidence. The reason why a baller gets angry at a Flat Earther. An inability to see reality.

Columbus, Christopher (1451–1506)- The Italian navigator and explorer credited with discovering the New World in 1492. An important figure in ball Earth ideology, who supposedly proved the world to be round. A Freemason instructed to colonize lands previously discovered by Leif Erikson and others, while continuing to keep the secret from ordinary Europeans, who were told it was India.

compartmentalization– The practice of dividing complex organizations into separate and isolated components, such that each possesses minimal knowledge about the system as a whole. The primary technique by which elites are able to keep big conspiracies concealed despite large numbers of people being necessarily involved. Hence, complacent ignorance on the part of those in a position to discover the truth about FE, such as NASA employees and certain military personnel. In psychology, a defense mechanism used to minimize cognitive dissonance. Also: compartmentalizing. (See gatekeeper)

community– Every Flat Earther connecting with other Flat Earthers, primarily through the Internet. Informal association of various personalities in the movement. Usually: the community. Also: Flat Club; truth community. (See trutherYouTuber)

compass– Instrument with a magnetic needle that points to the North Pole when held level. Primary navigational aid, the use of which allows circumnavigation on either the ball or flat model.

composite– Photography composed of multiple images spliced together, usually with Photoshop, to create what appears to be a single photo. Hence, any realistic image that shows ball Earth in its entirety, such as the Blue Marble. Also: photoshopped. (See CGI)

Concave Earth– Another alternative to ball Earth, in which the world is effectively on the inside of a hollow sphere. The model advanced by Lord Steven Christ, not to be confused with Hollow Earth. Also: LSC Earth; skycentrism.

conspiracy theory– Pejorative used to discredit FE and other truther movements, invented by the CIA to label critics of the Warren Report. Explanation that takes into account the possibility of suppressed information, disinfo, and other forms of deception. Also: tinfoil hat. (See rabbit hole)

controlled opposition– Tactic employed by globalists to spread disinfo. A phony challenge to the status quo, originated in order to exert control over any corresponding movement that might arise. Also: Hegelian dialectic; paid opposition. (See Flat Earth Societypsyop; shill)

convergence– Loss of resolution with distance, as light waves from separate objects converge. Mirroring seen at the horizon, where Earth and sky seem to merge. An effect caused by refraction, where the bottoms of distant objects disappear first as they recede. A phenomenon commonly mistaken for the effect of curvature. Also: celestial perspective; cloud horizon; compression zone; defraction limit; false horizon; inferior mirage; miraging; mirror line; perspective ramp; wave front edge. (See angle of attacklight body; perspective; sunsetvanishing point)

Convex EarthFE depicted as a flat-sided asteroid having convex continents and a habitable area beyond the ice wall, called Greater North. An alternative flat Earth theory wherein the magnetic torus field holds satellites in place and shapes a domed atmosphere said to act as a convex lens, bending light to create time zones and make the horizon appear curved. Controversial model proposed by the extraterrestrial Bilu in 2011, that involves gravity, spin, and an external sun. Also: Terra Convexa.

Cook, Capt. James (1728–1779)- An explorer in the British Royal Navy, who took almost three years to circumnavigate in the extreme southern latitudes.

Copernican principle– Demoralizing notion that the Earth holds no special place in the universe. Usually: the Copernican principle. Also: cosmic pluralism; cosmological principle; mediocrity principle. (See Nicolaus Copernicus)

Copernicus, Nicolaus (1473–1543)- The German astronomer and Renaissance man responsible for the Copernican Revolution, which culminated in the formulation of gravity by Sir Isaac Newton. A Jesuit priest and Freemason who fabricated the heliocentric universe. Inspiration for the Copernican principle in modern cosmology.

core– Interior of ball Earth, often depicted in detailed cut-away diagrams. Innermost layer of this, consisting of molten iron, said to be the source of the magnetic polarity of the planet, though molten iron will not magnetize. Example of speculation presented as scientific fact. Usually: the core.

Coriolis effect– Minute inertia alleged to be created by the differing speeds of surface rotation on ball Earth, said to affect hurricanes and bullets but not airplanes. Absurd myth that the direction water drains from a basin depends on which side of the equator it is on. In reality, the wake of electromagnetic energy from the sun and moon moving through the aether. Usually: the Coriolis effect.

Cosmic EggModel of the Earth and cosmos developed by Martin Kenny and Santos Bonacci based on cross-cultural myths, that features habitable lands beyond the ice wall and levels above the firmament. An expanded cosmology of FE involving multiple, concentric layers of the planedomeluminaries, and other elements, conforming to a torus. Usually: the Cosmic Egg theory. Also: geocentric electromagnetic universe; Norb Theory; orb theory.

cosmologists– Astronomers who speculate about the nature and origin of the universe. Members of the globalist conspiracy, often Jesuit, who make up lies about the cosmos. (See Neil deGrasse Tyson; Steven Hawking)

cosmologyModel of the known universe, usually of a designated type associated with an ancient civilization, such as Arabic, Celtic, Chinese, Egyptian, Hebrew, Hindu, Inca, Mayan, Navajo, Norse, etc. Also: cosmogony; cosmography. (See Vedic cosmology)

Creator– Builder of the dome and FE, hidden from humanity by the globalist conspiracy. Usually: the Creator. Also: Allah; God; Yahweh; YHWH.

crepuscular rays– Diagonal sunbeams shining through clouds and appearing to converge above them. Observable proof of a close sun. Also: break point; corpuscular rays; fingers of God.

curvature– Noticeable bending or bulge. Illusory feature of the Earth’s surface, necessary for it to be a ball. Factor curiously not accounted for by builders of railroads, canals, and tunnels. Also: curve. (See eight inches per mile squared)

cymatics– The phenomenon of geometric shapes and patterns created by amplified tones acting on a visible medium spread across a flat, resonate surface. An example of the creative power of frequency.

debunk– Refute or disprove through demonstration or explanation. An instance of this, often performed on a previous debunk video. Also: debunked; debunking.

deep state– Numerous government agencies involved with national security, employing thousands of people bound by secrecy agreements. Source of covert operations by the government, often unauthorized and/or unconstitutional. Usually: the deep state. Also: black budget; shadow government; swamp. (See psyop)

density– Inherent characteristic of all things, according to which they either rise or fall relative to each other based on their volume to weight ratio. A property commonly mistaken for gravity. Usually: density and buoyancy. Also: mass; specific gravity. (See weight)

diamond modelFE as proposed by theorist Darren Nesbit, that has four corners, rests on seven pillars, and allows for circular star trails in both the North and SouthModel similar to Square Earth, but having corners that correspond to the four cardinal directions. Usually: the diamond model.

Dingle, Herbert (1890–1978)- An English physicist, president of the Royal Astronomical Society, who insisted that proof about the foundations of physics had been suppressed. An outspoken opponent of the special theory of relativity.

dirty delete– Remove one’s post or comment thread from an online debate forum after being subjected to embarrassing ridicule. Instance of this. Also: rage quit.

Discworld– A comic book series by English author Terry Pratchett, set in a fantasy world in which belief can become reality. The name of this fantasy world, which is flat, round, and rests on the backs of four elephants standing on the back of a turtle.

disinfo– Disinformation, disseminated for the purpose of sewing confusion or obscuring facts about something. Deception tactic employed by the CIA and other deep state agencies to serve the globalist agenda. Also: cointelpro.

Disney, Walt (1901–1966)- An American animator and movie producer who worked with Wernher Von Braun and NASA, creating animations to promote the space program. The creator of the cartoon character Pluto the dog.

dogcam– An amateur balloon launch sponsored by camera seller Dog Cam Sport in 2011, that ascended to 110,000 feet. The video footage from this flight, showing a flat horizon and a close sun causing a hot spot on clouds. Any similar flight, such as Edge of Space Cam; Icarus 1, Little Piggy Cam, Stratos, etc.

dome– Solid sky arching over the plane, meeting at the edge, as described in the cosmology of numerous ancient cultures. Protective covering of the Earth, believed to be made of a reflective, indestructible material, usually glass. Place where lesser luminaries are displayed. Subject of nuclear testing by the US military during Operation Fishbowl. Usually: the dome. Also: glass ceiling; vault. (See enclosed worldfirmamentionospheresky stone; Van Allen belt).

Dubay, Eric (1981– )- An American Yoga teacher and prominent proponent of FE, generally credited with launching the modern movement in 2014. Head of IFERS and author of several books, including ‘200 Proofs Earth is Not a Spinning Ball’. A prolific YouTuber and reclusive celebrity in the community.

Dunning-Kruger effect– Cognitive bias wherein people with very little knowledge in a field tend to greatly over-assess their aptitude in that field. Reason why mainstream scientists believe themselves to be smart and capable. Usually: the Dunning–Kruger effect.

Earhart, Amelia (1897–1937?)- The American pilot, author, and national hero, who went missing in the South Pacific while attempting to circumnavigate in an airplane. A pioneering aviator who repeatedly got lost trying to navigate by the globe, rumored to have been writing a book on the real shape of the world.

eclipse– Rare but predictable phenomenon believed to be caused by the intersections of celestial objects. Moon or Black Sun crossing over the solar disk (solar eclipse), resulting in a small shadow that moves in opposition to the sun. Anti-moon crossing over the lunar disk (lunar eclipse), resulting in the moon turning red. A source of evidence about the true nature of the heavens. Also: occlusion.

edge– Outermost part of the known world, tens of thousands of miles long, where the plane meets the base of the dome. Incredible discovery in Antarctica, kept secret from the world. Negative/south terminal for the electromagnetism that governs FE. Usually: the edge.

eight inches per mile squared– The accepted formula for calculating the curvature on ball Earth. The Pythagorean theorem as used in experiments to estimate drop or bulge. Also: .666 feet per square mile.

Einstein, Albert (1879–1955)- The Swiss mathematician and alleged genius, credited with discoveries in theoretical physics. A high-school dropout and patent clerk who used indecipherable maths to promote a heliocentric universe. An early ‘science guy’ front man for the globalist conspiracy. (See relativity)

electromagnetism– A force causing attraction and levitation, usually powered by electricity and/or magnets. Attraction and repulsion forces of various types, such as diamagnetic, ferromagnitic, and paramagnetic. The unifying property of FE, responsible for various atmospheric phenomena, including luminaries. Also: Electric Universe; electrodynamics; EM; magneticism; plasma cosmology; transduction. (See electrostaticsfree energy; North Polering magnettorus)

electrostatics– The principle whereby non-conductive surfaces can accumulate an electric charge, causing them to be attracted to other surfaces, and to discharge onto conductive surfaces. The mechanism by which things are attracted to the plane or to the dome, as an alternative to gravity. A general explanation for tides. Also: dielectric acceleartion; geostatic electricity.

Elektro-L– The latest in a series of geostationary weather satellites launched by Russia, which takes a picture of the full Earth every half hour. The Geostationary Operational Meteorological Satellite (GOMS) No.2, launched in 2011. Also: MSU-GS.

elites– Hereditary rulers of the world, who hoard wealth and secret knowledge and are presumed to have a hand in manipulating all significant events. Also: blue bloods; hidden hand; Illuminati; royal bloodlines; the powers that be; TPTB. (See globalist)

EME bounce– Earth–Moon–Earth communication. Alleged technique that uses the moon to reflect a radio signal, to potentially reach a distant receiver on the other side of ball Earth. Also: EME broadcast; moon bounce.

enclosed world– Earth resembling an ancient cosmology, usually depicted as a flat plane with a dome covering. Another term for FE, often used with sheeple who might react negatively to ‘flat Earth’. Also: enclosed system; planetarium; realm; snow globe; God’s footstool; terrarium. (See Truman Show)

Eotvos effect– Alleged variation in the weight of an object depending on whether it is traveling east or west, as a result of the difference in centrifugal force due to the Earth’s spin. Usually: the Eötvös effect.

EPIC-DSCOVR– Earth Polychromatic Imaging Camera aboard the Deep Space Climate Observatory. One of several weather monitoring satellites allegedly capable of taking a picture of the full Earth from space. Psyop involving fast-rendering CGI, developed by NASA and allegedly launched by SpaceX in 2015. Also: Epic Deceiver.

equator– Fastest part of the spinning ball Earth. Imaginary circle arbitrarily separating center and outer parts of the AE map. Area on the plane consistently closest to the circular path of the sun. Usually: the equator.

equatorial mount– Device, often motorized, on which an optical instrument is mounted such that it will pivot in an arc that tracks the movement of the stars. Telescope or camera attached to this platform, which is said to be in line with the equator and to rotate on an axis parallel to the Earth’s. Hence, alleged proof of ball Earth. Also: clock drive; EQ mount; equatorial platform; sidereal drive; sky tracker; tangent drive.

Eratosthenes (276–194 BC)- A Greek astronomer from Cyrene, said to have calculated the circumference of ball Earth in 240 BC, based on the mistaken assumption that sun rays are parallel.

eye level– In perspective drawing, a horizontal line crossing the center of the frame, designating where the objects depicted will be seen from above and below. The location of the horizon, as an observed constant regardless of altitude.

experiment– Action designed to produce evidence about the world. Actual or simulated test proving some aspect of FE, or disproving ball Earth. To perform such a test. In theoretical physics, an imaginary test or simulation accompanied by maths to confirm a desired outcome.

explanation– Linking of evidence to a theory. Refutation of such a link. Reversal of an alleged proof of ball Earth, showing it to be consistent with FE also or instead. Also: solution. (See debunk)

FE– Flat Earth, referring to either the model, the movement, or the plane itself. Consistent with the theory that the Earth is flat. Of or involving Flat Earth. Also: flat-eartherism; flat-earthism; planar geocentricism; platygeism; scientific geocentrism; static plane theory. (See flerf)

FECORE– Field Engineers Core. An independent scientific research group challenging mainstream science. An international non-profit foundation registered in the USA as a tax-exempt 501(c)(3) organization since 2017, with paid membership that includes some prominent names in the community. The website, fecore.org. Also: FE Core; Fecore Inc.

FEIC– Flat Earth International Conference. One of several annual Flat Earth conventions, held in various locations in the USA and Canada since 2016. A YouTube channel of the same name. Usually: the Conference.

Fepe– The penguin mascot of the movement. A cartoon character based off Pepe the frog. An acronym for ‘Flat Earth people everywhere’ (FEPE).

Fermi Paradox– Contradiction in the conventional cosmology, between the likelihood of advanced civilizations of aliens and the apparent lack of evidence of these. Usually: the Fermi Paradox. Also: Fermi’s paradox.

firmament– Great divide that made dry land possible in the creation of the Earth, as described in the Bible. Solid barrier in the sky, having floodgates or windows, and holding back the water above. Physical proof of intelligent design and a Creator. Usually: the firmament. Also: waters above. (See dome)

fish-eye lens– Wide-angle camera lens. Source of distortion seen in high-altitude photos where the horizon appears to curve. This distortion itself. Also: barrel distortion; concave lens; GoPro lens. (See Optics Compensation)

Flat Earther– One who believes in FE, or otherwise rejects the standard spherical model of the world. Outspoken proponent of this view, such as Kyrie Irving or Tila Tequila. Also: antiglobularist; flat earthist; planist; planoterrestrialist. (See flerfer)

Flat Earth Society– Usually, the Flat Earth Society of Canada, created in 1970 by Prof. Leo Ferrari, a Freemason, and currently headed by Daniel Shenton. Well-known psyop and shill organization, repeatedly mentioned by Barack Obama. Illegitimate spin-off of the International Flat Earth Society of Dover, UK, founded in 1956 and currently known as IFERSControlled opposition designed to discredit FE with silly ideas like acceleration theory. Usually: the Flat Earth Society. Also: FES; TFES.

flat smack– Inform random, unsuspecting people about the flat shape of the Earth, in person or in online chat, or by strategically-placesd signs, notes, or tracts. Incidence of this. Also: flatsmacking; flat trap; truth bomb.

flerf– Pejorative for FE, used by a baller. Also: Flatardia.

flerfer– Pejorative for Flat Earther, used by a baller. Also: flatard; flathead; flattie; flattoid; flermin (plural); globe denier.

flight path– Scheduled departure, stopover and destination points of an airline flight. Path flown by a commercial airliner, never going over Antarctica, and more logical drawn on an AE map than on any other kind. Also: route.

flood– World-wide cataclysm in prehistory, documented in the Bible and in legends from numerous ancient cultures. Result of water coming in from beyond the enclosed world, possibly through the Great Rift. Usually: the flood. Also: diluvium; Great Deluge; Noah’s flood. (See mud flood; mud fossils)

forests– Groves of colossal trees, some reaching miles in height. Reference to the supposition that these trees were harvested by giants in prehistory. Part of a general theory of the origin of large topographical features of young Earth, which explains mesas as tree stumps, canyons as quarries, salt flats as tailing ponds, volcanoes as spoil tips, etc. Usually: No Forests on Flat Earth (video title). Also: cedars of Lebanon; silica pillars; silicon trees. (See Anunnaki; mud fossilsTower of BabelWorld Tree)

Foucault pendulum– Experiment performed by French physicist Léon Foucault in 1851, supposedly proving the spin of the Earth by precession of a pendulum. Magnetically driven swinging weight suspended on a long wire, seen in many science museums. Subject of the Allais effect. Also: Foucault’s Pendulum.

fourth wall– Missing wall on a theatrical, movie, or TV production set, through which the audience or camera views the performance. Reason why footage from space never shows a 360-degree panorama. Usually: break the fourth wall.

free energy– Perpetual motion or unlimited power derived from magnets and other sources. Atmospheric electricity from the aether field, which Nickola Tesla planned to harness and deliver to the public at no cost. Hence, a suppressed knowledge and technology that could revolutionize the world. The hidden purpose of ancient architectural features such as a dome, obelisk, spire, or tower. Also: argon energy; atmospheric electricity; electrickery; Tesla energy; wireless electricity; zero-point energy. (See electomagnetism)

free fall– The condition of natural, unencumbered acceleration toward the Earth, said to cancel out the force of the Earth’s gravity. A state of weightlessness such as that experienced on a Zero G plane or the ISS. Also: freefall. (See orbit)

Freemason– Member of the fraternal order of Masons, an organization dating back to the 14th century. Practitioner of Freemasonry, known to be involved in the occult, to swear an oath of secrecy, and to communicate with hand signals. Infiltrated or controlled by Freemasons. Thus, any astronaut, NASA employee, astronomer, etc. necessarily involved in the cover-up of FE. Also: Free Mason; Masonic. (See globalist)

frequency– Vibratory rate, commonly associated with sound waves, but a characteristic of all things. The subatomic essence of all matter and energy, which determines how it manifests in our perception. Hence, a property of human beings, corresponding to levels of spiritual growth, such that awake people are higher in this regard. Also: harmonics; hertz; morphic resonance; oscillation; Schumann resonance; tuning; vibration. (See cymatics; sonoluminescence)

Galilei, Galileo (1564–1642)- An Italian astronomer, Jesuit, and Freemason, who recanted his own heliocentric writings and eventually rejected the writings of Nicolaus Copernicus.

gatekeeper– Person or organization in a position to know the truth about FE, trusted to keep the secret, releasing information on a need-to-know basis in accordance with compartmentalization. (See globalist; NASA; Nazis)

GE– Globe Earth; globular Earth. (See ball Earth)

geocentric– Related to the old theory that the Earth, whether flat or ball, is at the center of the known universe, as distinguished from heliocentric. Also: geocentricity; geocentrism; geocentrist.

geodesy– The field of science that claims to study and measure ball Earth. A branch of geology concerned with the Earth’s shape and dimensions, including the position of geographical markers. Also: Geodesists. (See geodetic survey)

geodetic survey– Rarely-used specialty in professional surveying, that deals with curvature calculations. (See geodesy)

geostationary– Fixed in position relative to the Earth’s surface. Term for communications satellites able to hang in the sky without moving, as invented by science-fiction writer Sir Arthur C. Clarke. Explanation for how a fixed satellite dish can function continually without readjustment. Also: Clarke orbit; geosynchronous.

giants– One or more races of non-humans or hybrid humans mentioned in various ancient writings, often revered as gods or children of gods, and the likely harvesters of the missing forests. Larger-than-life figures found in folklore, such as Gilgamesh, Goliath, Nimrod, and Paul Bunyan. A class of ancient skeletal remains unearthed throughout the continental USA in the nineteenth century, all of which were acquired and hidden by the Smithsonian Institution. Anthropogenic evidence destroyed by order of the Vatican. Also: Archons; Meganthropus; Titans. (See Anunnaki; Nephilim)

Gish Gallop– Debate tactic used by young Earth proponent Duane Gish, which involves overwhelming an opponent with multiple arguments or evidences, such that it is nearly impossible to debunk them all adequately. On social media, often a series of memes, each one illustrating a different proof.

Gleason, Alex (1827–1909)- An American civil engineer, cartographer, and proponent of FE who aimed to replace globes and Mercator projection maps with his ‘New Standard Map of The World’, an AE map patented in 1892.

glitch– Technical error frequently seen in footage of an astronaut in the allegedly weightless environment inside the ISS. Any obvious flaw in the CGI rendering, green screen technology, or other special effect used by NASA to create or augment its various hoaxes. Hence, a problem for the conventional model. Also: anomaly; artifact; red flag.

globalist– High-ranking member of the international conspiracy by elites to hide the real shape of the Earth. Presumed Freemason, Illuminati, Jesuit, Zionist, etc. Connected to the NWO, UN, Vatican, etc. Occult worshiper of the sun, Satan, or both. Also: One Worlder.

globe– Common but inaccurate term for the world, often used to reinforce the conventional model. Representation of ball Earth, as commonly seen in the media, such as the logo for Universal Studios. Ball-shaped indoctrination tool found in classrooms throughout the world. Also: geoid.

Globebusters– A YouTuber association composed of Jeran Campanella (jeranism), Jonathan Christopulos, and Bob Knodel, featured in Behind The Curve. A YouTube channel promoting FE in a 24-hour livestream.

glober– Globe Earther. Person who believes the Earth is a globe. Also: glob; globehead; globestein; globetard; globetrotter; globie. (See baller)

Google Earth– Popular website for maps and directions, that includes aerial views allegedly from satellites. Computer application that takes flat pictures of the Earth’s surface and stitches them together, then uses CGI to create a simulation of ball Earth. Source for information about distances and elevations of landmarks, often used by a Flat Earther in an experiment to look for curvature.

GPS– Global Positioning System. Allegedly, an orbiting network of beacons surrounding ball Earth. In reality, a system that utilizes coordinated cell towers to pinpoint locations by triangulation and/or signal strength. A psyop created by the US military to make us believe satellites actually exist. Also: Ground Positioning System; long range navigation; LORAN; Navstar.

gravity– A theory introduced to the Royal Society of London in 1666. A contrived force in theoretical physics, making it impossible for insects to fly, a balloon to rise, clouds to form, etc. The dubious explanation for how some things can stick to a ball while other things are suspended in orbit around it. A false god worshiped by a baller. Also: big G; droppity; grabity. (See free falldensitySir Isaac Newton)

Great Deep– Lower portion of the infinite expanse of water that surrounds the enclosed world on all sides, according to Hebrew lore. Subterranean source of the flood, as described in the Bible. Usually: the Great Deep. Also: artesian ocean; foundations of the Earth; waters below.

Great Rift– Dark streak in the night sky, associated with cataclysm in ancient mythology. Crack or split in the dome, through which water is believed to have poured from the heavens during the flood. In the conventional cosmology, a cloud of molecular dust obscuring part of the Milky Way galaxy as seen from the Earth. Usually: the Great Rift. Also: Dark Rift; Dark River.

green screen– Special effects technique for creating artificial backgrounds, used in footage showing an astronaut with the Earth or large equipment in the frame. Also: augmented reality; blue screen; chroma keying; color keying; CSO; image layering; telemetrics; tracking screen. (See CGI)

Grissom, Virgil ‘Gus’ (1926-1967)- The astronaut originally selected to be the first man to set foot on the moon. An outspoken critic of the Apollo program, who hung a lemon on the capsule at a press conference. One of three NASA astronauts killed in a mysterious launchpad fire aboard Apollo 1 during a training exercise.

gyroscope– Flywheel device, the lack of precession of which proves the Earth doesn’t turn. Central component of an artificial horizon. Also: gyro compass.

hair spray– A substance applied to hair to make it stiff, used by female astronauts aboard the ISS to make their long hair seem to float in the alleged weightless environment.

hangout– Event on YouTube that utilizes Google Hangouts to allow live broadcasting of YouTuber discussions, with input from followers. Video of such an event. Also: chatroom; livestream.

harness– Special effects apparatus, used for extended fake footage of an astronaut in the weightless environment of space. Also: wires.

Hawking, Steven (1942–2018?)- An English physicist who allegedly survived for decades with amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS). A globalist front-man or puppet, who tried to prove the world’s size and shape on his television show.

heliocentric– Related to the conventional cosmology which has ball Earth flying at 66,600 miles per hour around a gigantic, distant sun. The type of cosmological model brought to prominence by the Catholic Church, in clear opposition to the Bible. Also: helical; heliocentrism; heliocentrist; heliocentricity; solar system.

hemiplane– Half of the plane. Proper term for a hemisphere. Also: hemicircle; hemisplane.

Himawari– A series of geostationary weather-monitoring satellites allegedly launched by Japan since 1977. The current one, Himawari-8, capable of taking a full-Earth picture in high resolution every ten minutes. Also: GMS; MTSAT.

Hollywood basement– Secret sound stage where the moon landings were actually filmed. Figurative location, as the hidden origin of all astronaut footage from NASA. Reference to the song ‘Californication’ by the Red Hot Chili Peppers. Also: Hollywood East. (See fourth wall)

hologram– Manufactured illusion in which 3-dimensional things appear in places they are not. Possible explanation for objects observed in the sky, including the sun, the moon, the ISS, planets, UFOs, etc. Also: holographic projection. (See lunar waveProject Blue Beam)

horizon– Meeting place of sky and ground at the limit of human sight. End of the visible surface of ball Earth, said to be at a 3-mile radius for a 6-foot observer. In perspective, the main horizontal line where distant features meet in  convergence and disappear. Landscape feature that would be curved if the Earth were a ball. Usually: the horizon. Also: X axis. (See eye level; vanishing point)

hot spot– Area of intense sunlight on the top of cloud cover, as seen from high altitudes, commonly mistaken for a reflection off water. Proof of a close sun. Also: hotspot.

Hubble– The Hubble Space Telescope. An orbiting telescope claimed by NASA. The non-existent cousin of the Stratospheric Observatory for Infrared Astronomy (SOFIA), a Boeing 747-based version. A clever psyop to trick us into thinking satellites and space actually exist. Also: HST; Spitzer.

Hughes, Mike (1956– )- An American limousine driver and daredevil who built and piloted a steam-powered rocket to over 1,800 feet above the ground. An outspoken Flat Earther with plans to disprove ball Earth by launching from a high-altitude balloon and traveling to the Karman line. Alias: Mad Mike.

Ice Ball Earth– A model of the universe in which the known Earth is one independent cell on an enormous planet having multiple cells, perhaps arranged in a regular pattern and in multiple layers. Also: big sphere; Great Ice Ball; honeycomb theory; Midgard. (See puddle theory)

ice wall– Geographical feature tens of thousands of miles long, that surrounds the FE and holds in the oceans. So-called coast of Antarctica, said to be a glacier or ice shelf. Natural barrier to exploration, additionally guarded by international military. Usually: the ice wall. Also: ice barrier; ice ring; rim.

IFERS– The International Flat Earth Research Society, founded by Charles K. Johnson after the death of Samuel Shenton in 1971, and currently headed by Eric Dubay. The most recent in a continuous succession of Flat Earth Societies, including Shenton’s FE Society of Dover, UK, and the Universal Zetetic Society founded by Lady Elizabeth Blount. A legacy of the original Zetetic Society founded by Samuel Rowbotham, not to be confused with the modern Flat Earth Society.

Illuminati card– Specifically, the ‘Flat Earthers’ card from the collectible series ‘Illuminati: New World Order’. One of many mysterious game cards released in 1994, thought to contain predictive programming. Usually: the Illuminati card.

indoctrination– False history and science presented to school children to make them staunch defenders of the heliocentric universe and other lies. Also: brainwashing; Kool-Aid; programming. (See matrix)

infinite plane– Version of FE that doesn’t include a definitive edge. Theory that the plane goes on forever. Also: Davis Plane; Infinite Plane Society; IPS. (See puddle theory)

infrared– An invisible band of the light spectrum beyond red. The light waves in this frequency. Capable of seeing this light, said of cameras and other optical instruments. A technology used in research, that can overcome atmospheric blocking to view distant landmarks allegedly not visible due to curvature. Also: infra-red.

ionosphere– Region of the upper atmosphere above the stratosphere, which includes the thermosphere and extends to the Van Allen belt. Shield of ionized plasma above the Earth, charged by thunderstorms and capable of reflecting radio waves. Subject of modification experiments by HAARP, a secretive US military program. Scientific term for the dome. Usually: the ionosphere. Also: E region; Kennelly-Heaviside layer; radio roof.

ISS– International Space Station. Manned platform allegedly in low Earth orbit 250 miles above, travelling at 17,000 miles per hour. Elaborate psyop created through the collusion of various governments, to convince us that satellites and astronaut missions are real. In reality, a hologram or high-altitude drone responsible for alleged sightings. Secret ground-based set where NASA uses CGI to create public relations video. Usually: the ISS. Also: International Fake Station.

jeranism– A popular YouTube channel and website for FE information and explanation. Jeran Campanella, a well-known American YouTubertheorist, and member of FECORE and Globebusters. A philosophy of self trust and self verification of commonly accepted facts. Also: Jism; Truth Frequency Radio.

Jesuit– Of an elite, military order of Catholicism, established in the 16th century, that includes many physicists and astronomers. Devotee of demonic power who pledges unwavering obedience to the Pope. Infiltrator of institutions of education, science and government, who promotes the will of Satan in Christian guise. (See globalist; cosmologists)

Kaguya– Nickname for the Selenological and Engineering Explorer (SELENE), an alleged lunar orbiter launched by Japan in 2007.

Kansas– A state in the midwestern USA, known to be perfectly flat. 82,280 square miles confirmed to be flatter than a pancake of relative size.

Karman line– Edge of the atmosphere, on the lower edge of the thermosphere, about 62 miles above sea level. Open boundary between air and the alleged vacuum of space, in defiance of a natural property of gases to move into an area of lesser density. Usually: the Karman line.

Keith– A fake profile name, often combined with a photo of YouTuber Callum Adams, used by a troll to infiltrate FE Facebook groups. Someone who uses this moniker, or a derivation, to interact with the online community. Usually: Keith Scott. Also: Adams.

Kepler, Johannes (1571–1630)- The German astrologer, mathematician, and Freemason who developed the laws of motion used by Sir Isaac Newton. The assistant who murdered Tycho Brahe, stole his work, and twisted it to fit a heliocentric system.

Kessler syndrome– Scenario wherein the high volume of debris in low Earth orbit would multiply exponentially as a result of repeated collisions, making space travel too hazardous. Potential problem with the standard model, acknowledged by NASA scientist Donald Kessler in 1978. Usually: the Kessler syndrome.

Kubrick, Stanley (1928–1999)- The American film director, screenwriter and producer who created the 1968 movie ‘2001: A Space Odyssey’. An insider believed to have helped direct the fake moon landings for NASA, and to have placed clues about that hoax in his 1980 movie ‘The Shining’.

Lake Pontchartrain– A large body of water in the state of Louisiana. Specifically, the Causeway or power lines stretching 23.8 miles across this, said by some to show evidence of Earth’s curvature.

lampshade– Reference to the unknown mechanism that prevents sunlight from reaching half of the Earth’s flat surface at any given time. Word used by a baller to mock FE. Usually: magic lampshade.

laser– Device that emits a narrow, concentrated light beam. Preferred instrument for an experiment to look for curvature on a body of water.

LEM– Lunar Excursion Module. Part of the Apollo spacecraft, resembling a makeshift tweeker shelter, allegedly designed to land on the moon, return to lunar orbit, and dock with the Command/Service Module (CSM). Usually: the LEM. Also: Eagle; LM. (See moon landings)

level– 1. Condition of being straight and even, as opposed to curved or sloped. Flat. (See sea level) 2. Instrument for determining this, usually by means of water or a bubble. Spirit level. 3. Specific elevation, such as a floor of a building or a line of sight. (See eye level)

levitation– Electromagnetic lifting of common objects, defying gravity, as discovered by the Nazis and demonstrated by Canadian inventor John Hutchison. Usually: the . Also: antigravity; Hutchison Effect; Nazi bell; quantum levitation. (See electromagnetism)

light body– Theoretical area of refraction surrounding an object or observer, corresponding to height, isolating one from the other proportional to distance, as light waves are bent toward the ground by the Earth’s electromagnetism. Limit of visual perception, forming a circle around the observer and appearing as the horizon line. An explanation for the sun and other receding objects seeming to disappear, bottom up, despite a lack of curvature. Also: field of view; personal atmospheric dome; perspective warp; sky horizon. (See angle of attackconvergenceperspective matrix;  sunset)

lighthouse– Coastal seafaring navigation beacon, often elevated, having a range far longer than what is predicted by curvature calculations.

light-year– Supposed distance light travels in one year, based on the assumption light can travel more than a few thousand miles. Fabricated term used by cosmologists to reinforce the notion that the sun is one of trillions of stars at varying distances away.

low Earth orbit– The region where most space exploration occurs, between 200 and 1,200 miles of the surface, above the atmosphere and below the Van Allen belt. The alleged location of the ISS and most satellites, said to be heavily congested with debris flying 17,000 miles per hour. The current limit of manned missions, according to NASA. Also: LEO.

LRO– Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter. Unmanned spacecraft allegedly in orbit around the moon since 2009. Project by NASA to map the entire lunar surface in 3D. Source of alleged photographic proof of sites of the Apollo moon landings. Usually: the LRO.

LUCIFER– Large Utility with Camera and Integral Field unit for Extra-galactic Research. The world’s largest binocular telescope, owned jointly by NASA and the Vatican, allegedly searching for intelligent extra-terrestrials.

luminaries– Luminescent circles in the sky, including the sun, moon, stars, comets, every known planet, etc. Light sources associated with the dome, either on, inside, or immediately outside of it. Heavenly beings or angels, according to some. Also: plasmoids. (See astral plate; celestial sphere)

lunar wave– Ripple seen passing across the lunar surface, usually in video taken with a P900. Evidence the moon is a hologram or projection. Also: energy pulse.

Magellan, Ferdinand (1480–1521)- The Spanish explorer whose ship was the first to circumnavigate the world. An important figure in ball Earth ideology, who supposedly proved the world to be a ball.

Marconi, Guglielmo (1874–1937)- The Italian electrical engineer credited with inventing radio. A pioneer in the field of electromagnetism, who transmitted a message across the Atlantic ocean in 1901, in defiance of skeptics who thought the signal would be blocked by bulge.

Mars– One of the several wandering stars noted since ancient times, peculiar for having a retrograde motion. An alleged planet comparable to ball Earth, and a popular source of aliens in early science fiction. The subject of a long series of phony flybys, orbiters, landers, and rovers dating back to 1964. Images of a desert landscape indistinguishable from NASA‘s rover test site on Devon Island, Canada, except for a red hue.

maths– Trigonometry and other complex calculations, sometimes useful for an experiment, but meaningless in their own right. The only substance behind theoretical physics. A form of disinfo used in scientism to explain things like gravity. Also: mathmagic; mythmatics.

matrix– Figurative place populated by those under the spell of indoctrination, or otherwise not awake. Segment of society that unwittingly conforms to the globalist scheme. Alternate reality created through mind control, for the farming of sheeple by elites. A simulation reality. Reference to the 1999 movie ‘The Matrix’. Usually: in the matrix. Also: blinders; blue pill; (on the) grid; hive mind; social engineering; veil of deception.

memes– Digital images with text, used to share ideas on social media. An educational medium often used by a Flat Earther to illustrate FE concepts or avoid having to repeat complex arguments. Word and picture combinations similar to those used in the indoctrination of children into ball Earth and other aspects of scientism.

Mercator, Gerardus (1512–1594)- A German geographer, cartographer, and Renaissance man briefly imprisoned for heresy by the Inquisition. The famous globe and atlas maker, creator of the Mercator projection, who mapped the arctic region, showing four land masses surrounding a giant magnetic rock at the North Pole. (See Mount Meru)

Mercator projection— Widely-used flat map of the world, conceived by Gerardus Mercator, notable for its inaccuracy in depicting the relative sizes of land masses. Map normally used in depictions of Square Earth.

Metabunk calculator– Online calculator for determining the effect of curvature as should be seen on ball Earth, given the distance to a target point and the height of the viewer, and factoring in normal atmospheric refraction.

Metatron– An internet media company involved with the movement since 2012, that sponsors international conferences and patented a mobile app for Flat Earther dating, among others things. The corporation behind YouTuber Mark Sargent, an early proponent of FE.

meteor– Piece of the dome that has detached and is falling toward Earth, burning up in the atmosphere. Also: falling star; shooting star. (See meteorite)

meteorite– Unusual rock alleged to be an intact meteor or moon rock, especially when found in Antarctica. Physical evidence offered by a baller for the existence of other worlds. Rarely, a piece of the dome that has fallen away and not burned up in the atmosphere. (See sky stone)

Michelson-Gale– An experiment performed in 1925 by Albert Michelson and Henry Gale, using the Sagnac effect to see if the Earth’s spin could be detected as a variation in the velocity of light. Proof that either the aether or the Earth is moving. Usuallly: the Michelson–Gale experiment. Also: Michelson–Gale–Pearson.

Michelson-Morley– A revolutionary experiment performed in 1887 by Albert Michelson and Edward Morley, using light beams. A failed attempt to verify the Earth’s movement, later reinterpreted by Albert Einstein as proof that the aether field does not exist. Usually: the Michelson-Morley experiment. Also: Silvertooth experiment.

midnight sun– Phenomenon of continuous daylight that occurs at or near the North Pole during summer solstice, caused by the sun circling in a tighter loop at that time of year. Similar event rumored to occur in Antarctica, considered a problem for FE. Also: 24-hour sun.

model– Theoretical construct of the known universe, of a designated type, such as flat, ballheliocentric, etc. Representation in CGI or in miniature, of a natural phenomenon, for the purpose of demonstration or experiment. (See cosmologytheory)

monkey– Reference to Darwinian evolution, specifically the theory that humans descended from apes. Insult directed at a baller, alluding to their scientism. Also: ape.

moon– In conventional cosmology, a grey rock one quarter the size of ball Earth, orbiting at a distance of 237,000 miles. Setting for early NASA hoaxes in the form of alleged moon landings. In reality, a self-illuminated, semi-transparent disk about 32 miles across, with rounded edges, circling above FE. Possibly an electric cathode, hologram, or even a malfunctioning or decommissioned sun. Usually: the moon. (See luminariesmoonlight)

moon landings– Numerous alleged manned missions by NASA from 1969 to 1972, going beyond low Earth orbit and through the Van Allen belt. Technology that no longer exists, because it was destroyed, according to astronaut Don Pettit. Greatest historic achievement, never seriously depicted in any movie or TV program. Early psyop filmed in a Hollywood basement, to convince the world of ball Earth. Usually: the moon landings. Also: Project Apollo. (See LEMStanley Kubrick; telemetry data)

moonlight– Light produced by the moon, said to be fundamentally different from reflected sunlight, in that it makes living things decay rather than grow, and other things cool rather than warm, damp rather than dry, and putrefied rather than antiseptic. Also: lunar radiation.

moon rock– One of hundreds of lost and poorly-documented artifacts from the alleged moon landings. Quest of Wernher von Braun in an expedition to Antarctica in 1966. Rock tested by the Rijksmuseum of Holland in 2009, that turned out to be ordinary petrified wood.

Mount Meru– A magnetic mountain or pillar mentioned in ancient mythologies such as Greek (Olympus), Chaldean (Nazir), and Persian (Hara Berezaiti). said to be located at the center of the world, either in the midst of the sea or in a legendary land. Hence, an uncharted feature at the North Pole, consisting of magnetite, possibly shrouded in clouds or submerged in the ocean. The positive terminal for the electromagnetism that governs FE. The stump of the missing World Tree. Also: Black Cliff; Black Rock; Mt. Sineru; Mt. Sumeru; Mt. Zion; Naval of Waters; Rupes Nigra. (See Vedic cosmology)

Mount Rainier– A 14,400-foot mountain in the state of Washington, USA, known to sometimes cast a long shadow on the underside of clouds at sunrise. An alleged problem for FE.

movement– 1. Undetectable property of the hypothesized ball Earth, referring to either its orbit or spin. 2. Every Flat Earther in a concerted effort to spread truth and overcome the conspiratorial deception. Usually: the movement. Also: awakening. (See community; Fepetruther)

mud flood– A process by which entire cities world-wide have been buried under layers of dirt, sand, or silt. Disastrous inundation of unknown date, obscured by historians who reinvented the lost history. General reference to an earlier world-wide civilization of giants with advanced technology. Hence, abundant infrastructure of grand scale, falsely claimed to have been built in recent history, actually just excavated, remodeled, or reconstructed. Specific structures associated with this, most having been demolished or destroyed. Also: history reset; mud flow; soil liquefaction. (See flood; mud fossils; Tartaria)

mud fossils– Rocks and mineral formations, often gargantuan, believed to be the remains of the soft tissues of plants and animals that underwent rapid fossilization after a mudslide or flood. Rarely, ancient structures originally made of wood, turned to stone as an effect of mud flood. Hence, abundant evidence of giant plants, animals, fungi, and people existing in prehistory. Also: permineralization. (See forests; giantsyoung Earth)

NASA– The National Aeronautics and Space Administration. A Freemason organization created with the help of former Nazis in 1958, currently taking in over $50 million per day. The US military psyop agency largely responsible for the widespread belief in ball Earth. A Hebrew word that means ‘to deceive’. Also: Houston; Nasa; Nasha; Never A Straight Answer; Not A Space Agency; the space program.

Nazis– Inventors of the V-2 rocket and other advanced technologies developed for use in World War II, who later helped to create NASA through Operation Paperclip. A notorious gatekeeper organization that made three expeditions to Antarctica to establish bases and look for lost civilizations. (See Wernher von Braun)

Nephilim– Offspring of human women impregnated by the sons of God who came down from Heaven, as told in Hebrew scripture. Race of giants, mostly killed off in the flood. Usually: the Nephilim. Also: fallen angels; Grigori; Watchers.

Newton, Sir Isaac (1642–1727)- The English alchemist, mystic, occult mathematician and Freemason famous for inventing calculus and fabricating the theory of gravity.

North Pole– Magnetic reference point used in navigation, charted by Gerardus Mercator in 1596, and explored by Adm. Richard E. Byrd, Jr. in 1926. Center point of the AE map. Focal point for electromagnetism comprising the FE energy system. Site of a hidden geographical feature, such as a whirlpool, mountain, and/or islands. Location of a legendary land, such as Agartha, Atlantis, Eden, Hyperborea, or Shambala. Location of a hole leading to an underworld containing such a land. Usually: the North Pole. Also: naval of the Earth. (See Mount Meru)

NWO– New World Order. An idiom used in positive regard by President George H.W. Bush. Globalist plan for world government, in contrast to the Old World Order of Tartaria. Usually: the NWO. Also: New Age; one-world government. (See UN)

Obama, Barack (1961– )- The US President who repeatedly mentioned the Flat Earth Society, proclaiming it to be anti-science. An obvious gatekeeper and disinfo agent, alleged to have visited Antarctica to see the edge. Alias: Barry Soetoro.

Occam’s razor– An ad hoc principle for judging one theory to be better than another, by comparing the number of assumptions that would need to be true for each, the one with the fewer assumptions being likely the correct one. Thus, evidence that FE is probably correct, being a relatively simple idea. Also: law of parsimony; Ockham’s razor.

occult symbolism– Shapes, objects, or characters known to have special power, such as those associated with space agencies, elites, or other Freemason organizations. Representations such as the vector symbol, triangles, circles, squares, a single eye, owls, star shapes, the numbers 33 and 666, and the capital letter G. Also: esoteric symbolism; iconography; numerology; symbology.

Octans– A constellation of southern stars contrived in 1752, which includes Sigma Octantis.

Olber’s paradox– A  problem with the conventional cosmology, in that an infinite universe of infinite star-suns visible at infinite distances would completely illuminate the night sky. Also: dark night sky paradox.

Optics Compensation– A software feature in Adobe After Effects that can remove various kinds of image distortion caused by cameras. Specifically, Reverse Lens Distortion, which corrects for a fish-eye lens.

orbit– Circular revolution over FE, as of the sun and moon. A principle in heliocentric belief wherein all celestial objects revolve around each other in perpetual motion. Travel in an imaginary zone above ball Earth, where gravity is not in effect. Also: ecliptic. (See free fallsatellites)

Orion– 1. A constellation of stars known to the ancient Egyptians, which is aligned to the great pyramids and has not moved in thousands of years. 2. The multi-Purpose Crew Vehicle (MPCV) being developed by NASA to carry an astronaut crew to the moon and other destinations beyond low Earth orbit. Usually: the Orion project.

P900– Nikon Coolpix P900 compact digital camera. Prior to the release of the P1000, the preferred evidence gathering instrument of the Flat Earther, valued for having the largest zoom of any commercial camera.

pancake– Pejorative for FE, used by a baller and derived from the erroneous flat world model depicted in popular culture as being a thin disk floating in the void of space, rather than an enclosed world. Usually: space pancake. Also: Frisbee; pizza; plate; platter.

pancake theory– A model of the universe that postulates multiple flat worlds, one on top of another.

parabolic– In geometry, the curve of a line made by a plane intersecting a cone. Curve of the path usually taken by an orbital rocket after vertical takeoff, to avoid collision with the dome, before crashing into the Bermuda Triangle. Flight maneuver of a Zero G plane, to simulate weightlessness.

pear-shaped– Wider on the bottom or South part of a spheroid. Actual shape of ball Earth, as claimed by Neil deGrasse Tyson, in apparent contradiction of official composite images. Also: oblate spheroid; pear-ball; pearoid.

penguins– Flightless birds native to Antarctica. When used by a baller, a reference to the permanent military presence that guards the ice wall to prevent anyone from venturing near the edge. Hence, these cute animals mockingly depicted as militarized or weaponized. (See Fepe)

perspective– Rules for determining the angular size and position of objects as they would appear from a given viewpoint, using maths. The art of rendering physical objects as visual objects, as in a three-dimensional drawing or simulation. A general explanation for objects seeming to disappear over the horizon. Usually: the law of perspective. Also: foreshortening; pyramid vision; visual perception. (See convergence; vanishing point)

perspective matrix– Framework of visual reality wherein parallel lines that appear to converge at the vanishing point diverge in the unseen area beyond, as an explanation for why a large, elevated object like the sun can appear to drop and vanish at the horizon without shrinking entirely. Usually: the perspective matrix. (See light body)

Photoshop– A popular computer application for manipulating digital photographs. A photograph thus manipulated. Create a fake photograph of. Also: Photoshopped; shopped. (See CGI; composite)

Piccard, Prof. Auguste (1884–1962)- A Belgian physicist who went 10 miles up in a pressurized aluminum sphere suspended from a hydrogen balloon in 1931. The first person to reach the stratosphere, who described the view of Earth as a flat disk with upturned edge.

plane– 1. Winged aircraft, any of which should be able to detect the Earth’s spin or curvature. Also: airplane; aeroplane. 2. In geometry, a two-dimensional space in which simple shapes and angles are represented. 3. Flat, stationary surface on which we actually live, believed by some to be infinitely vast. The proper descriptive word for the Earth, as opposed to ‘planet‘. Usually: the plane. Also: Bhu-mandala; plain. (See infinite plane)

plane sailing– The traditional method of ocean navigation, which calculates distance by plotting a flat triangle on a map. Using UTM lines drawn through departure and destination points to form a right triangle with the intended course as the hypotenuse. The use of plane, rather than spherical, trigonometry to determine distance, often with the aid of a sextant. A common expression used to denote a task as uncomplicated. Also: plain sailing.

planet– Basic ball component of the conventional model, which includes the Earth itself. Spherical alien world, as depicted with CGI in science fiction and NASA releases. Luminous round object in the sky, similar to stars but moving independently. Pulsating blob of plasma, as viewed with a P900. Also: wandering star. (See luminaries)

plumb bob– Pointed weight suspended on a string, used by builders to establish a vertical line. Instrument alleged to point to the center of ball Earth, which would cause tall buildings to be larger at the top. Also: plumb line; plummet.

Pluto– 1. A cartoon character created by Walt Disney in 1930, as the pet dog of Mickey Mouse. 2. An astronomical discovery in 1930, originally declared to be a ninth planet, but reclassified in 2006 after other, similar-sized objects were allegedly discovered. Images of this released by NASA in 2015, showing a surface pattern that bears an uncanny resemblance to the cartoon character.

Poe– Failed attempt at parody, as an instance of Poe’s Law, which holds that any parody of an extreme view will be indistinguishable from said view. Hence, a baller satirically mimicking a Flat Earther by asking silly questions or giving silly answers, but easily mistaken for the real thing. (See Keith; troll)

Polar Explorer– A commercial air tour scheduled for October 2018, billed as a first-class flight that would circumnavigate the world, crossing over both poles. Alleged attempt by a privately chartered Airbus A340 to break an aviation speed record set in 1977, though passengers are were forbidden to bring equipment to verify the flight path. An obvious scam. Also: Over The Poles.

Polaris– In conventional cosmology, a bright cluster of stars over 300 light-years away. The only non-moving light in the sky, situated directly above the North Pole, and rumored to have a counterpart in the South in Sigma Octantis. The center of rotation for the fixed luminaries in the dome. An ancient navigational beacon, proof that the Earth does not move through space. Also: Alpha Ursae Minoris; celestial pole; North Star; pole star.

pool– Underwater training facility used by NASA. Production set for faking footage of an astronaut performing an extravehicular activity (EVA) in open space, often evidenced by a bubble appearing in the scene. Also: NBL; neutral buoyancy laboratory; tank.

precession– Regular change in the orientation of the axis of a gyroscope or pendulum due to external forces such as rotation of the Earth. Also: drift. (See Foucault pendulum) 2. Regular change in the path of a celestial body over the course of multiple cycles, such as that of the sun between the equinoxes. (See analemma)

predictive programming– Clues to FE and other conspiracies, hidden in plain sight in popular movies, TV shows, commercials, music, etc., before or after the fact. A Freemason tradition to tell you the truth while mocking your ignorance. (See Capricorn OneTruman Show)

problem– Observed phenomenon that needs to be explained in order for a particular model to work, such as the sun-below-the-clouds problem (with FE). (See glitch)

Project Blue Beam– An unimplemented psyop, jointly planned by NASA and the UN, to use hologram technology to simulate an invasion by aliens, or the coming of a messiah. One part of a plan to bring about the NWO, alluded to by Wernher von Braun. Also: Great Deception; Powerful Delusion.

proof– Logic or evidence that seems to support one shape of the world over the other. A problem with the conventional model, as revealed by an unanswered question. Any one of the hundreds of arguments, or proofs, supporting FE. Also: nail in the coffin; smoking gun.

pseudoscience– Any so-called ‘science’ not grounded in direct observation and experimentation. Theories based entirely on maths, including all of modern theoretical physics. Any field of science that claims to support a heliocentric universe. Also: fake science. (See scientism)

psyop– Psychological operation by the CIA or other covert entity of the deep state. Event staged for mass media, to give the public a false impression about the world or advance a political agenda. Any of various globalist tricks using disinfo to hide the truth about FE and other conspiracies. Origin of the movement itself, as sometimes claimed by a baller. Also: black op; false flag; hoax; psy-op. (See controlled opposition; shill)

puddle theory– A model of the universe in which our flat world is a melted spot in a dark, frozen wasteland, possibly one of many such spots, either individually domed or under one common dome. Also: many ponds; multiple ponds; pod theory; pond theory. (See Buddhist map; Ice Ball Earth; infinite plane)

Pythagoras (580–475 BC)- A Greek philosopher and mathematician who taught a sphere-based cosmology. The legendary astrologer, mystic, and numerologist cited as an influence by Plato and Aristotle. Founder of a secret brotherhood society and school of Pythagoreanism. Creator of the Pythagorean theorem, a geometric equation used to calculate distances, such as drop due to curvature, or the altitude of the sun.

Quran– Holy book of the Islamic religion, which commands Muslims to face toward the city of Mecca when praying, impossible from some places were the Earth not flat. Like the Bible and Book of Enoch, a source of clues about the true cosmology. Usually: the Quran. Also: Koran; Qur’an.

rabbit hole– Figurative place where strange facts tend to lead, drawing the curious ever deeper into a research labyrinth. Reference to the story ‘Alice in Wonderland’. Usually: down the rabbit hole. Also: white rabbit. (See conspiracy theory)

railgun– Weapon that uses electromagnetism to launch a projectile in a straight line, able to hit a target 100 miles away. Also: rail gun.

rainbow– Outdoor phenomenon caused by refraction of sunlight through water droplets in the air. Evidence that sunlight reflects off a rounded dome.

Red Bull jump– Record-breaking skydive by Felix Baumgartner in 2012, from a helium balloon capsule 24 miles (128,000 feet) above New Mexico. High-altitude evidence shot with a fish-eye lens. Usually: the Red Bull jump. Also: Felix.

red shift– Increase in the wavelength of light from a source moving away from the viewer, causing its color to shift toward the red end of the spectrum. The opposite of blue shift. Alleged evidence of an expanding universe. Evidence that a sunset is actually the sun rapidly moving away. Also: red-shift rainbow.

Reds Rhetoric– A popular YouTube channel that tries to debunk any claim made by a Flat Earther. The foul-mouthed YouTuber and NASA fanboy called Red, who will not reveal his real name nor show his face.

refraction– Atmospheric distortion of light rays, usually along the horizon. A common explanation for long-distance observations appearing to show or not show curvature. Also: defraction. (See atmospheric lensingconvergence; light bodysuperior mirage)

relativity– An ad hoc explanation by Albert Einstein for why the Earth does not appear to be moving, incorporated into modern theoretical physics, replacing the demonstrable mechanics of Isaac Newton. The revolutionary theory disputed by Herbert Dingle, Nickola Tesla, and others. Also: spacetime.

research– Investigate a subject in some way, ranging from watching video documentaries to performing an experiment. Investigation of this kind. The responsibility of a Flat Earther to verify information before accepting it as fact, or of a baller to learn the fundamentals of FE before trying to debunk it. Also: homework. (See rabbit hole)

retrograde motion– Periodic reversal in the direction of the precession of a planet through the constellations, said to be proof of its heliocentric trajectory.

retroreflector– Mirrored surface designed to reflect light coming from any direction back to the source. Device allegedly left on the moon by multiple NASA and Soviet missions, capable of reflecting a high-powered laser beam back to Earth. Also: corner reflector; cube prism array; retroflector.

ring magnet– Disk-shaped magnet with one poll in the center and the other encircling it on the edge, such that the magnetic field forms a torus. Central component of a loudspeaker. Commonly-used flat magnet known by various names, such as circular, cup, disc, plate, radial, unipolar, etc. Essential character of the electromagnetism of FE.

rocket– Expensive piece of machinery built by NASA and other agencies, used in an elaborate psyop to make us think travel into space is possible. Device for conducting a high-altitude experiment, known to be capable of reaching the dome. A type of engine that would be rendered useless by the physics of propulsion in a vacuum.

round– Circular. The generally accepted shape of the Earth and all celestial objects, whether flat or ball.

Rowbotham, Samuel (1816–1884)- An English inventor, theorist, and prominent proponent of FE, who carried out the first experiment at Bedford Level in 1838, proving the Earth does not curve. Author of the 1865 book ‘Zetetic Astronomy: Earth Not a Globe’ and  founder of the Zetetic Society, which would eventually become the Flat Earth Society of Dover, UK. Alias: Parallax.

sacred geometry– Regularly-occurring patterns in nature, such as the Flower of Life, that are indicative of natural systems like FE. Also: architecture of the universe; fingerprint of God; syncretism. (See cymatics; torus)

Sagnac effect– Influence of direction on the speed at which a light beam travels, as demonstrated in an experiment by Georges Sagnac in 1913. Proof that aether exists, according to him. Principle behind a fibre optic or ring laser gyroscope (RLG) used in some airplane instruments. Usually: the Sagnac effect. Also: interferometry; Sagnac interference. (See Michelson-Gale)

salt flats– Dried lake beds with a flat, level surface usually consisting of salt deposits, as found in Bolivia, Utah, and elsewhere. Places where water sometimes accumulates in a thin layer over a vast area, acting like a huge mirror. Also: playas; salt pans.

satellites– Natural and man-made objects said to be in orbit around ball Earth in the thousands, and to hang in the sky as geostationary receiver-transmitters, yet never seen in photos from space. Term mistakenly applied to various high-altitude platforms and vehicles sometimes visible from the ground. An elaborate psyop to reinforce current concepts of gravity. Also: Clarke belt; sateloons. (See Elektro-L; EPIC-DSCOVRHimawari; Hubble; ISS)

scientism– Deference to the opinions of scientists, or uncritical acceptance of claims labeled ‘scientific’, usually as a result of indoctrination. Unquestioning belief in the dogma of modern science, including the Big Bang, evolution, the heliocentric system, relativity, etc. A globalist attempt to make people feel dumb and insignificant. The collection of unsubstantiated theory and other disinfo used to convince us of ball Earth. Also: academia; Gnosticism; scientistic. (See pseudoscience; theoretical physics)

sea level– The resting state of the world’s oceans. A common phrase revealing the impossibility of curved water. (See level)

selenelion– Instance of a lunar eclipse where both the moon and sun are visible above the horizon, and where the Earth’s alleged shadow has been seen to move from the top rather than the bottom, both observations being contrary to what is expected. Also: horizontal eclipse; selenehelion.

SEX– A subliminal message often inserted into advertisements in the form of hidden text, to create a positive association with the product. The word written in clouds in the 2015 rendition of the Blue Marble. Usually: SEX in the clouds.

sextant– Nautical instrument in use since the eighteenth century, for measuring the angular distance between two distant objects, usually a star and the horizon. Celestial navigation system that relies on plane trigonometry to estimate latitude, longitude, time, or the distance to a landmark. Device used by early FE researchers to estimate the diameter of the sun, as being about 32 nautical miles. Also: backstaff, octant, quadrant. (See astrolabe; plane sailing)

sheeple– Ordinary people prone to a herd mentality, who are not awake and therefore scoff at FE. Victims of indoctrination, taught to reflexively dismiss any so-called conspiracy theory. A closed-minded person still caught in the matrix, or who is not a truther. Also: normies; NPCs; the masses.

shill– Provocateur working on behalf of the globalist conspiracy, trying to ridicule or discredit FE. Paid troll. Derogatory label for a YouTuber who makes the movement look bad by espousing a silly idea. Also: bot; fake profile; minion; plant; sock puppet.

sidereal day– Day that is 23 hours, 56 minutes long, said to be the actual time of one rotation of ball Earth, required as an explanation in the heliocentric system, which otherwise places the Earth on opposite sides of the sun, such that high noon would become midnight for the same locale six months later.

Sigma Octantis– A barely visible star in the Octans constellation. An alleged southern counterpart to Polaris, though not useful for navigation. Also: Polaris Australia; SCP; south celestial pole; South Star.

Simmons, Bobby Ray, Jr. (1988– )- An American hip hop recording artist, record producer, and outspoken proponent of FE, who launched a fundraising campaign for high-altitude exploration. Alias: BoB.

simulation– Virtual reality, such as a model created with AutoCAD. Simulated world, such as that of an advanced computer game. Hence, the theory that our reality is generated in a computer, offered as a possible explanation for why a flat Earth might behave like a ball in some ways, or otherwise present confounding paradoxes. Also: holographic universe; holosphere.

skyline– Tall buildings of a large city, as viewed from a distance. Most commonly, Chicago or Toronto, sometimes visible from offshore at distances that should not be possible due to bulge, alleged to be a superior mirage.

sky stone– Mysterious sky-blue stone, examples of which have been found all over the world. Precious mineral of unknown origin, the color of sapphire and consisting of 77% oxygen. Any mineral believed to be a piece of the dome, or to have actually come from the sky. Also: God glass; Libyan Desert glass; water glass. (See meteorite)

sonoluminescence– A phenomenon discovered in 1934, wherein high-frequency sound waves can cause a bubble to emit light. A possible light source for stars, as originating in the water just above the dome. Also: star in a jar; triboluminescence.

South– The direction away from the North Pole. All areas beyond the equator, in the outer ring of FE. On a globe, what is down or underneath. Usually: the South. Also: outer ring; southern hemisphere. (See upside down)

South Pole– Counterpart to the North Pole, as would be expected to exist on ball Earth. Enormous edge of the Earth plane, cleverly disguised as a single point in the middle of a false continent called Antarctica. Kitschy destination for guided tours beyond the ice wall. Usually: the South Pole.

space– The infinitely vast expanse of nothingness alleged to exist beyond the upper atmosphere, depicted as a total vacuum in which where gravity is not in effect. Of or made for this environment. An imaginary place invented as a substitute for the dome, to be consistent with heliocentric concepts. A common setting for science fiction and the alleged projects of NASA, though logically impossible for human travel. The biggest psyop ever executed.

SpaceX– Space Exploration Technologies Corporation. An American company founded by Elon Musk, that works closely with NASA, allegedly seeking commercial applications for rocket technology. A non-government space agency similar to Virgin Galactic and Blue Origin. Also: FakeX. (See Starman)

spin– Rotation of ball Earth, alleged to be 1,040 miles per hour at the equator, although the centrifugal force there is imperceptible.

spoon feed– Portion out information that is readily available to the recipient, such as common details of FE. Educate in basic theory, as a Flat Earther is often expected to do for a naive baller. Respond to ignorant questions from.

Square Earth– FE with four corners, as described in the Bible. An alternative flat theory consistent with the UTM coordinate system, that solves a problem with the round version by allowing the sun to rise due-east and set due-west. A model based on the Mercator projection, having straight ice wall edges on the north and south sides, in which traveling east or west somehow brings you back to the opposite side. Rarely, Prof. Orlando Ferguson’s 1893 AE map ‘Square and Stationary Earth’. Also: 4D model; Pac-Man theory; Rectangular Earth. (See diamond model)

Starman– A dummy astronaut driving an unaltered 2008 Tesla roadster, depicted on continuous live-stream video as being on a heliocentric trip through open space, on its way to Mars. The whimsical payload allegedly launched by SpaceX in 2018 to test its Falcon Heavy rocket.

stars– Points of light that move in a fixed pattern across the night sky, mistakenly assumed to be distant suns. Part of the complex display of luminaries in the dome. Constellations, such as Orion, the permanence of which disproves the heliocentric universe. Things either clearly visible or not visible from space, depending on who you ask. (See astral plate; Polaris; Sigma Octantis; sonoluminescence)

star trails– Lines drawn by stars in time-lapse photography of the night sky. The circular path of luminaries around Polaris. Also: star circles.

stellar parallax– Predicted shift in the apparent position of stars relative to each other, as would necessarily result from the heliocentric journey of ball Earth. A non-existent phenomenon, proof that the Earth does not move.

sun– Bright light in the sky, seen during daytime. In the heliocentric system, a relatively close star 93 million miles away, 400 times larger and further than the moon. In reality, a heat and light source traveling a circular path between the Tropic of Capricorn and the Tropic of Cancer. Shining disk or orb, between 27 and 39 miles in diameter, possibly an electric diode. Object of cult worship by elites, personified as Apollo, Helios, Ra, etc. in ancient mythologies. Usually: the sun. Also: close sun; local sun; spotlight sun.

SunCalc– A popular website and app for calculating times of sunrise and sunset for various locations around the world, useful for an experiment.

sundials– Clocks consisting of a fixed protrusion mounted on a graduated surface, that use the shadow made by the sun to tell time. Primitive timepieces still accurate after thousands of years. Also: sun clocks; sun dials.

sun dogs– Rare phenomena said to be refraction of sunlight by ice crystals in the atmosphere, causing a reflection of the sun to one or both sides. In theory, either reflections off the dome, or other suns in neighboring worlds as seen through the it. Also: sundogs; sun halo; parhelia.

sunglasses– Imaginary device that gives an individual the ability to see through mass illusions created by elites. A figurative ability to cancel out the matrix. Reference to the 1988 movie ‘They Live’. Usually: put on the sunglasses. (See awake)

sunset– Visual effect created by the sun seeming to move toward the horizon as it approaches the vanishing point, alleged to be a problem for FE. Also: diminution. (See atmospheric lensingconvergencelight body; perspective matrix;  red shift)

sun simulator– Any of a number of patented devices for simulating natural sunlight. Hence, an artificial replacement, augmentation, or enhancement for the actual sun, often captured in photos and on video, possibly used to obscure other objects in the sky. Theoretical companion to the moon simulator.

superior mirage– Rare phenomenon caused by a surface layer of cold air, where light rays bend down due to refraction, making distant objects appear above their true position. The explanation given by ballers for an obvious lack of bulge when viewing a distant skyline, as in the 2015 photo of Chicago by Joshua Nowicki. Also: Fata Morgana; inversion; looming.

Tartaria– A lost civilization erased from historical records and now largely forgotten. The largest political empire in history, destroyed by cataclysm, the cause of which is still uncertain. A world-wide confederation governed by natural law and authentic Christianity, that flourished during the so-called Dark Ages and existed as late as the nineteenth century. An earlier civilization inhabited by giants possessing advanced technology, including free energy extraction. Also: Atlantea; Golden Age; Great Tartary; Old World Order; OWO; Tartarian Empire. (See mud flood)

telemetry data– Specifically, live video transmissions from the Apollo moon landings, recorded on 13,000 reels of tape but subsequently lost, evidently erased in the 1980s to save money by reusing the tape. Colossal blunder by NASA discovered in 2006. Usually: the missing telemetry data. Also: SSTV signal; telemetry tapes.

telescope– 1. Optical instrument with a round lens, responsible for giving the appearance of convexity to planets. Device known to overcome the vanishing point and bring distant objects back into view. Also: binoculars; telephoto lens; zoom lens. (See P900theodolite; zoom) 2. Giant version of this in an observatory, used to study the sky and prop up the paradigm of an infinite universe. (See Hubble; LUCIFER)

terminator line– Division between areas of daylight and darkness, as determined by the position of the sun. Demarcation which would be more pronounced if occurring on a ball Earth.

Tesla coil– High-voltage, low-current transformer invented by Nickola Tesla, that discharges plasma filaments resembling lightning. Basic principle of the electromagnetism of FE.

Tesla, Nickola (1856–1943)- The Hungarian engineer who invented the electric motor. A famous proponent of electromagnetism and critic of theoretical physics, seldom mentioned in history books, who probably knew the Earth was flat.  The smartest man in the world, according to Albert Einstein. A true genius whose discoveries, such as free energy, were suppressed by the globalist conspiracy.

theodolite– Surveyor’s tool that features a telescope set precisely level on a portable platform. Also: total station; transit; TST.

theoretical physics– A corrupted field of science, composed almost entirely of maths and imaginary situations substituted for actual experiment. The origin of some ridiculous theory and concepts, like ‘dark matter’. The pseudoscience behind relativity. (See gravity)

theoristFlat Earther who examines a problem and offers an explanation, usually in video format. One who does this on a regular basis. Also: theoretician. (See YouTuber)

theory– Belief about, or explanation for, an observed reality. Unproven claim, as distinguished from a provable fact. In theoretical physics, a fantasy made believable by maths. Also: hypothesis; thought exercise. (See conspiracy theorymodel)

thermosphere– Upper layer of the atmosphere of ball Earth, characterized by intense radiation and 4,000-degree heat, which would melt or burn up anything sent into orbit. Usually: the thermosphere.

tidal lock– A situation in which the rate of spin of a celestial sphere is said to be synchronized with the speed of its orbit. The conventional explanation for the moon always showing the same side despite its allegedly being a rotating ball. Also: captured rotation; gravitational locking; synchronous rotation.

tides– Regularly occurring bulge in the otherwise level oceans, often associated with the moon‘s electrostatics or ability to disturb the aether field. Alternatively, the result of movement within the Earth itself, such as water flowing in and out, continents rising and falling, or the plane tipping from side to side. On ball Earth, the alleged effect of the lunar orbit exerting gravity on the seas.

tilt– 1. Alleged 66.6 degree incline of the axis of ball Earth off the ellipse of its orbit, said to be the cause of seasons. Usually: the tilt. Also: axial tilt. 2. Missing attribute of tall buildings and trees when viewed from a long distance, as would be caused by any curvature of the Earth. Hence, a problem with ball Earth. Also: lean; slant.

torus– Doughnut shape associated with many kinds of energy fields, consisting of a vortex flowing through the center of a circular plane, such as the pattern of flux lines around a ring magnet. The true nature of electrons and atoms, according to some. Also: hyperboloid; morphogenetic field; toroid; toroidal field; torsion field.

Torus Earth– A proposition that the Earth’s surface, while apparently flat, is actually rolled into a torus and cycling one revolution per day. An unlikely model for the world, described on a Flat Earth Society forum in 2012, as being like a doughnut floating in space, having normal gravity and no edge. Also: toroidal Earth theory; donut-shaped Earth.

Tower of Babel– Legendary structure described in the Bible. Early attempt to reach the firmament, built by order of King Nimrod. Possibly the name of a giant tree, a last remnant of the ancient forests. Along with the Hanging Gardens, a lost wonder of ancient Babylon. Usually: the Tower of Babel.

Transglobe Expedition– Alleged circumpolar navigation led by British explorer and Freemason Sir Ranulph Fiennes, which left London, England, in 1979 and returned three years later. First documented attempt to circumnavigate the globe on the surface, crossing both poles. Usually: the Transglobe Expedition.

transit– 1. Visible passage of one celestial object across the face of another, larger one, such as Mercury crossing the sun, or the ISS crossing the moon. Cross in this manner. 2. Another term for theodolite.

triangulation– The method by which cell towers are able to determine the location of a cell phone without the aid of satellites, by calculating distance or direction from three fixed reference points. (See GPS)

trollBaller who stalks YouTube comments and other online forums, stirring up controversy or arguing for the sake of arguing. Novice who would rather criticize and debunk than continue doing research. Action that befits such a person. Act in this way. Also: troller; trolling. (See Keith; Poeshill)

Truman Show– Reference to a 1998 movie ‘The Truman Show’, depicting an enclosed world, of which the central character is totally unaware. Prominent example of predictive programming about FE. Also: True Man Show.

truther– Person who is awake to the globalist conspiracy and other hidden aspects of reality. Proponent of any so-called conspiracy theory. Also: realist. (See movement)

turtle– Reference to various ancient myths that place the Earth on the back of a giant tortoise or sea turtle, intended as a mockery of FE. Usually: the turtle. Also: Akupara; Chukwa; Cosmic Turtle; Divine Turtle; elephants; Great A’Tuin; Great Turtle; Star Turtle; turtles all the way down. (See Discworld)

Tyson, Neil deGrasse (1958– )- An American astrophysicist and ‘science guy’ front man for the globalist conspiracy, replacing the late Carl Sagan. A popular promoter of the heliocentric universe, who claimed the Earth is pear-shaped. An actor and Freemason known to wear occult symbolism. (See cosmologists)

UN– United Nations. Ruling body of the NWO, the flag and logo of which depicts the AE map. Central coordinating organization and gatekeeper for the international globalist conspiracy. Military force that guards the ice wall. Source of confirmation for as depicted in its flag and logo. Usually: the UN.

underworld– Cavernous regions under the Earth, described in many ancient mythologies such as Buddhist (Agharta), Greek (Tartarus), and Hebrew (Sheol). Inner Earth realm, possibly containing a legendary lost city, with access via the North Pole, as described by Adm. Richard E. Byrd, Jr. in a diary discovered after his death. Usually: the underworld. Also: inner Earth.

USGS– United States Geological Survey. Gatekeeper agency noted for using the AE map.

upside down– Orientated in such a way that up and down are reversed, said of objects, people, etc. as would necessarily be on the opposite side of ball Earth. The final position of an airplane, with respect to its starting position, after flying half way around a globe. Orientation of the moon when viewed from the southern hemisphere, said to be a problem with FE.

UTM– Universal Transverse Mercator. Geographic reference system commonly used for plotting locations and determining distances on the Earth, distinguished from others such as GARS, MGRS, NSRS; UPS, USNG, etc. Lines of latitude and longitude forming a grid on a map, first developed by Ptolemy in the second century AD. Markings usually displayed on the AE map, radiating out from the North Pole, but not entirely accurate for a flat world. Usually: the UTM grid. Also: meridians; parallels. (See GPS)

vacuum– Low-pressure chamber with the air pumped out. Sucking force created by an air pump, turbine, or opening to a low-pressure chamber. Alleged state of outer space. Also: negative torr.

Van Allen belt– Zone of deadly radiation around ball Earth. Barrier to manned missions beyond low Earth orbit, as admitted by NASA engineer Kelly Smith. Covert term used by space agencies when referring to the impenetrable dome. Usually: the Van Allen belt. Also: radiation belt; Van Allen belts.

vanishing point– In perspective, the distant place beyond which things seem to disappear on the horizon. Usually: the vanishing point. Also: point of convergence; zone of convergence. (See convergence)

vector symbol– V-shaped pattern found in the insignia of NASA and other space agencies. Occult symbolism representing the rings of Saturn, a UFO, or a serpent tongue, depending on its specific shape. Also: chevron; delta.

Vedic cosmology– Ancient wisdom from the Jain religion, depicting a geocentric universe with the Earth as a flat disk, the sun circling above it, and Mount Meru at the center. Also: Buddhist cosmology; Fifth Canto; Hindu cosmology; Puranic cosmology; Rig Veda; Srimad Bhagavatam; Vedic astrology.

video– The principal format for theory and information related to FE. An amateur documentary, made by a theorist or other YouTuber. Recorded visual evidence. (See research; YouTube)

Voliva, Wilbur G. (1870–1942)- An American evangelist and proponent of FE who offered a $5,000 reward for evidence proving the Earth is a sphere. General Overseer of the city of Zion, Illinois, who enforced the teaching of his model in schools there.

von Braun, Wernher (1912–1977)- The German rocket scientist and SS member who founded NASA and developed the Apollo program and moon landings. One of hundreds of Nazis brought to the United States during Operation Paperclip. Part of a moon rock-hunting expedition to Antarctica for Apollo. A gatekeeper who spent his final years warning of government disinfo about aliens and other fake threats. His grave marker, which has a Bible verse reference to the firmament.

Wallace, Alfred R. (1823–1913)- An English evolutionist, surveyor and geographer who devised an experiment to show curvature at Bedford Level, in an attempt to win a £500 wager offered by FE proponent John Hampden. A contemporary of Charles Darwin, credited with independently fabricating the theory of evolution.

water– The abundant liquid covering 70% of the Earth, the properties of which are to conform to a container, seek a uniform level, and form a flat surface. A substance with diamagnetic and electrical properties, which cannot stick to a ball, particularly one with spin. One component of air, responsible for clouds and for atmospheric lensing. Primary element outside the enclosed world. A weightless environment used by NASA to simulate space. (See Great Deeppool)

weight– 1. A natural property of matter, associated with claims of gravity. Degree of buoyancy relative to surrounding fluids. (see density)  2. Metal object, often suspended on a wire or string, such as those used in the Cavendish experiment and Foucault pendulum attempts to prove ball Earth. (See plumb bob)

Winship, Thomas (1860–1942)- A South African accountant and author of the 1899 book ‘Zetetic Cosmogony; or Conclusive Evidence that the World is not a Rotating Revolving Globe but a Stationary Plane Circle’. Alias: Rectangle.

World Tree– Legendary giant tree at the center of the world, described in ancient religions such as Chaldean (tree of Eridu) and Norse (Yggdrasil), said to be supporting the heavens or connecting them with the terrestrial world and the underworld. Usually: the World Tree. Also: Axis Mundi; Cosmic Tree; Tree of Life; World Pillar. (See forests)

young Earth– The theory that the Earth is thousands, rather than millions, of years old. An aspect of Biblical creationism with emphasis on world-wide cataclysm as an alternative explanation for geological evidence. Deriving from or upholding this belief. Also: YEC. (See flood; forests; mud fossils)

YouTube– A popular online video platform, which is the main repository of FE information and evidence. The primary research facility, publisher, and support network for the community. Also: YT.

YouTuberVideo producer on YouTube, often a theorist. A modern proponent of FE, having a large following of subscribers, such as Matt Boylan, Jeran Campanella, Dave Murphy, Mark Sargent, Rob Skiba, and Patricia Steere. Also: channel. (See community)

Z axis– In perspective, the dimension that extends from the observer to the horizon. Line most apt to show curvature. Also: eyeline; longitudinal axis.

Zero G plane– Boeing airliner specially modified for parabolic flights, as a platform to simulate a weightless environment. Set for faking short segments of footage of an astronaut in space. Also: vomit comet.

Zetetic Eye Gyroscope ModelTheory by Jeffrey Grupp, depicting FE as a slightly convex disk with upturned edge, at the center of a spinning sphere which creates a centrifugal force that appears as gravity. Usually: the Zetetic Eye Gyroscope Model.

zetetic method– Unconventional approach to science, based on direct observation and experiment. Skeptical inquiry that seeks to answer a question rather than test a hypothesis. Usually: the zetetic method. Also: critical theory; Pyrrhonism; zeteticism. (See Samuel Rowbotham)

zoom– Optical magnification, especially in long-distance viewing. Way to bring objects back into view after they have gone beyond the vanishing point, used as proof that ships at sea do not actually disappear over the curve of the Earth. Usually: zoom in. (See P900; telescope)

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